Name 6/23/18 - LIVE Auction
Type Internet Absentee Bidding
Date(s) 6/23/2018
LIVE Auction starts Saturday, June 23 at 9AM Pacific
Preview Date/Time Friday, June 22, 9AM-5PM
Checkout Date/Time 1 hour after the auction ends Monday, June 25, 9AM-5PM
Location 1235 Highway 95 N - Mile Marker 248
Grangeville, ID 83530
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer's Premium (+4% card pmts)
LIVE Auction! Online Pre-Bidding ends Friday evening at 9PM PDT, so start bidding today! Items include: Kubota Lawn Tractor, Dodge Pickups, Implements, Tools, Furniture, & MUCH MORE! Contact us today for consigment rates!
Terms & Conditions to bid with Intro: The following terms govern the relationship between, herein after referred to as Auctioneer or Auction Company, and you, herein after referred to as Bidder. These terms and conditions are legally binding. These terms may be amended up until the time of the auction closing. 1. Registration a. Bidder will register with correct and complete information. Auctioneer is not responsible for any issues arising from incomplete or incorrect information provided by the Bidder, e.g. notifications from the Auctioneer about changes to the auction. b. Bidder is not required to provide a credit card to bid with Auctioneer. 2. Bidding a. Any bids placed by the Bidder cannot be rescinded for any reason. b. Bidder is responsible to ensure that the bid being placed is accurate. If Bidder makes an error placing his or her bid, Bidder is responsible to contact Auctioneer as soon as possible. Auctioneer's only remedy is to reduce Bidder's bid to the current high bid. c. Bidder is responsible to ensure that Bidder is able to complete sale prior to bidding. i. Not all auction items will be at the Auctioneer's warehouse near Fenn. Bidder is responsible to know the location of the auction items and the check-out times prior to bidding to ensure that Bidder is able to complete the sale. d. Pending Bids are bids that are placed that are not immediately put into effect. There are two reasons typically that would cause a bid to be pending: i. Bids over $1,000 are pending due to a setting the Auctioneer has chosen to prevent accidental and fake bids. Auctioneer will approve bid after making personal contact with Bidder. ii. Bidders with negative Hibid scores (see section 4, iv, 1 for details) will find their bids are pending. Auctioneer may approve Bidder at Auctioneer's discretion. 3. Inspection a. Auctioneer will provide a minimum of one inspection period per auction event. b. Bidder is responsible to attend during announced inspection times. In the event the Bidder cannot, Bidder is responsible to make alternate arrangements, e.g. contacting Auctioneer with questions, sending a proxy to inspect auction items. c. Auctioneer will make statements of known defects. However, Auctioneer will not be aware of all defects, and cannot be held liable for unknown defects. d. Bidder is responsible to form own opinions of value, condition, or other factors that will affect his or her bid. e. Auctioneer will provide a basic description to aid Bidder, but this description shall not be binding in any way. f. Auctioneer will provide notices, to be posted on the Catalog Pages, with specific auction terms & conditions. These notices will be considered addenda to these terms & conditions and are legally binding. Bidder is responsible to read auction notices. 4. Close of Auction & Invoices a. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. b. Refunds will only be issues in cases where Auctioneer or Seller cannot provide clear ownership documents, such as title or other applicable documents. In these cases, Auctioneer's only liability is the bid, buyer's premium, and any sales tax collected at the time of sale. Auctioneer will not be liable for any costs accrued after purchase, including but not limited to costs for repairs or maintenance. c. All invoices will be paid within 5 business days. i. Auctioneer accepts cash, check, and credit or debit cards as payment. 1. Auctioneer reserves the right to require certified funds payments in certain instances which include but are not limited to previous check return or specific items or auctions. Certified Funds include cash, credit or debit cards, and cashier's checks. 2. Credit card or phone payments will be subject to a 4% additional buyer's premium. 3. Online payments are not currently accepted. ii. Additional time may be granted on a case-by-case basis, but not to exceed 10 business days. iii. Short-term storage of auction items is allowed, after invoice is paid. Short-term will be determined by the Auctioneer at time of request by Bidder. iv. If invoices are not paid within the allowed time frame, Auctioneer will permanently decline Bidder, disallowing Bidder from bidding with Auctioneer in the future. 1. Auctioneer is part of a nationwide network of auctioneers that use the Hibid biding platform. Hibid has developed a rating system for Bidders to protect auctioneers. Bidders accrue points anytime Bidder places bids and registers for auctions. Any time a bidder is permanently declined, the bidder loses 20 points. If a bidder has a negative score, he or she may not be able to bid with other auctioneers on the Hibid platform. 2. If Bidder wishes to reinstate his or her bidding ability with Auctioneer, Bidder will pay Auctioneer lost commission on the unpaid invoice, including buyer's premium and seller's commission, plus $25 fee. This fee will be paid by Bidder prior to reinstatement. 3. If Bidder allows a second invoice to go unpaid for more than 5 business days, the Bidder's account will not be reinstated. v. In cases where the auction event takes place on location, Bidder is responsible to know when Bidder needs to pay his or her invoice. If Bidder does not pay or pick up his or her purchases within the allowed time frame, Auctioneer will permanently decline Bidder unless other arrangements are made within 5 business days of the auction closing. 5. Shipping a. Bidder is responsible to contact Auctioneer and request shipping. Ideally, this will be done prior to auction closing, but can be done post-auction by replying to invoice email. b. Bidder will pay all shipping costs, including any additional insurance requested by Bidder. Shipping costs will be added to invoice, and Bidder will pay entire invoice prior to shipping. c. Auctioneer will package purchases to the best of Auctioneer's ability. However, Auctioneer will not be responsible in case of shipping damage for any reason.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 25.00 2.50 USD
25.01 - 100.00 5.00 USD
100.01 - 200.00 10.00 USD
200.01 - 1,000.00 25.00 USD
1,000.01 - 10,000.00 50.00 USD
10,000.01 - 100,000.00 100.00 USD
100,000.01 - 9,999,999.99 100.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer's Premium (+4% card pmts)
Payment Terms
We accept cash, checks, and debit/credit cards. There will be a 4% surcharge on all card payments.
Please make any necessary arrangements prior to bidding.